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Little Coco Fucked On Her Bed

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Little Coco: Schoolroom Slut

I think every guy has this fantasy. They come into an empty classroom with a horny girl in it. They work their so called magic and get laid. This guy got to live out his fantasy. He got to get his dick sucked while in a classroom. What more can a guy ask for? I would have done more, but I didn't want anyone walking in on us. I wanted him to finish before we got caught.

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Little Coco: Boats and Blowjobs

Sometimes I go for the rich guys. Like this one who owns a boat. I get all hot and bothered over a guy that has money. Any woman that says different is a total liar. I want some of that dough to rub off on me. If you know what I'm saying. I can always use another sugar daddy. I can never have too many. My lifestyle is very expensive.

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Little Coco: Team Player

I've wanted to be a cheerleader for as long as I can remember. Every single year I always fail to make it. This year I knew I had an ace up my sleeve. I knew the coach would let me suck his dick. He's not the head coach, but he can put a very good word in for me. After all, I gave him a very good blowjob. He's one of the few white dudes I've known that has a huge cock.

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Little Coco: Workin' Out

I have to admit this. Sometimes when I workout, I get really horny. Especially when there is porn playing in the background. After a good workout, I thought I would give my pussy own of its own. You know how I am. I like to play with myself no matter where I am. I don't even care if someone walks in on me. All I would do is ask if they would like to join me.

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