Tinah Taboo

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Thunder Katt

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Thunder Katt

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Skyy Black

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Show Gurl

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Sasha Rae

Sasha showed me that fishnets and thick ghetto booties is a wonderful combination. I could just see how much bounce that booty had when she was running around with only fishnets on, although I'm not quite sure how she made it to my backyard almost completely naked. You'd think someone might ask her what the hell she was doing.

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Sasha Rae

Sasha had a great ass and a great attitude about said ass. She was down with all sorts of ass play, whether it was straight up anal or just a few fingers slipped in at an opportune time. I fucking love chicks like that, because let's face it - the freakier, the better.

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Rylee Peyton

Rylee Peyton has a very full booty indeed! Its not only fat to the hilt, but its round and full, so there's that much more to grab on to. Watch her get fucked in multiple positions while she services this brutha in more ways than one! This scene is exclusive to Brickhouse Butts, so you can't see this fat ass freak anywhere else!

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Pussi Katt

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Pure Shuga

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Mz. X-Tream

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Mz. Booty

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Mz. Booty

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Mya G.

With an ass so wide it beeps when it backs up, Mya's inviting to all comers. The only thing she loves more than the compliments on her ass is having men get on their knees and worship it, their face buried deep in that asscrack. She knows how to work it, and no man is immune to her big ass assets and getting down to kiss that round rump.

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Mya G.

Mya's ass was truly a thing of beauty. If I could sculpt that shit and put it in a fine art museum, it would go in perfectly. Since I can't do that, the second best thing I can do is just fuck that ass silly. I think she appreciated that just a wee bit more than any other form of admiration I had going on for that ass.

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