Karla Lane

Karla is a superwoman. Not only does she the perfect ass that's wide and thick, her huge tits are the perfect compliment to all that junk in the trunk. She's all about getting her man off while getting her hers, and she's not afraid to fuck hard to get the satisfaction she deserves. Watch as she takes command of her man to get her orgasm on!

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Jessica Allbutt

Jessica's ass is one of the hottest booties I have seen in a long ass time. Some asses are just made for slapping, and hers happened to be one of them. It was thick, bouncy, and fuckable all at once. Plus, when a chick tells me I can do whatever I want with her, I am all over that in a second.

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Jamie Love

This big white ass chick just can't stay away from me. I can't say that I blame her, and I know I'm always up for some more hot booty fucking. She let me oil down that hot ass of hers, then it was time to go for doggy style. Nothing else would do this ass justice.

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Jamie Love

Monique is one of those rare white women who actually have ass. You don't typically see too many of those, so when I found her I knew I had to get a chance at fucking that ass. Lucky for me, she was down with getting some black meat in her, so I went ahead and gave that ass a run for its money.

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If you want a big fat black ass, look no further than Jadah, as she'll come running whenever you want to fuck! I'm totally serious! This big booty babe loves dick, any dick will do, as long as said dick knows how to get big, hard and fuck her til she screams! At least, that's what Jadah told me... of course I was more than happy to oblige her, always rescuing a horny slut, what can I say...

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Few ladies are as aptly named as Injoi. Like a cola drink, it's hard not to enjoy her - take a look at that ass, but more importantly, see how she loves the cock and does anything to let loose the secret sauce from that flesh faucet. Hips, curves, ass and tits, this lady has everything a guy could want and need.

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I have a thing for chubby redhead black chicks...especially when they have asses like Injoi. She was one of those chicks that were insanely addicted to oiling down her booty, and she even got me with a naked oil massage. I'm sure as fuck not complaining, because she ended up giving me the ride of my life once she climbed on top of me.

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Honey Comb

Honey was determined to show me a good time, so she started off with bending over and showing me her ghetto booty right away. I swear she had it so shiny with soap and water that I could almost see my face in it. This curvy black chick made sure to make the day memorable for me, with lots of booty shaking and smacking that will keep me going for a damn long time.

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Hershey & Queen B

Okay, you're not going to believe this shit right here. We've got two of the fattest brickhouse butts in the world, getting all oiled up and wrestling each other's big phat juicy asses to the ground! And one lucky mother fucker gets to fuck the living shit out of both of them. That's right, Big booty oil fighting and fucking at its finest! If you're into big fat black butts, then you're going to fucking love this shit! Enjoy.

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Ah Flame - she was one hell of a lay, let me tell you. She came right at me with that ass, bending over and shaking it until she had some sort of ass tsunami going on. What man could resist that? I pounded my cock right into that tight pussy of hers, grabbing onto her ass with a near death grip. If I wasn't holding on to that booty I think the shaking would have launched me across the room.

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Flame had this really seductive attitude that just floored me in an instant. Oh, and a great fucking ass. That could have been what made me instantly hard too. Either way, I got to tap this fine piece of ass back at my place, plus she even got everything oiled down for me. I don't think I need to tell you exactly how an oiled down ass affects me, now do I?

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Dominique Pleasures

Dominique may be thick, but she is fine as hell! Check her out in this exclusive hardcore one on one fat booty episode as she tames this lucky black dude with that perfectly rounded phat ass! The action is hot and the pussy is wet, don't miss this episode!

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If you are into fat asses, then you are gonna love Devious! This bitch has the fattest booty I have ever had the privilege of seeing short of an elephants ass! She knows how to work that shit too, watch her fuck this nigga in more ways you can shake a stick at in this phat booty interracial video episode!

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Delicious is truly that, a completely incredible phat assed hoe who seems to be having a love affair with her oil. When I found her, she had that booty all nice and shiny. It was truly irresistible, so I'm glad she was down with letting me grope, slap, and fuck that massive ass.

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Decollector.. yeah, I think this big black whore collects guys, or guys that want to fuck her fat black ass! Take a look at her booty - and the way this fat butt just bounces all over when you're fucking that bald pussy of hers. She loves bending over and telling guys to smack her butt, I think it's because she gets turned on hearing those sounds of flesh being slapped! Keep watching the videos, and you'll understand why guys just get in line to fuck this black slut...

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This thick ebony slut has a juicy brick house ass that screams to be filled with cock! Aside from being fucked in multiple positions, she really enjoys a good tongue lashing now and then too. Watch this plus size chocolate whore fuck and suck all night long!

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Crystal Clear

Crystal's the kind of girl who proves that when comes to the trunk there's no such thing as too much junk. This freak likes it every which way and is only more than happy to work that ass to get what she wants. But Crystal's not just butt, this lady has tits too and is the ultimate pleaser for guys who like 'em bustin' out all over.

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Crystal Clear

Crystal has an ass that just keeps on giving, let me tell you. This thick ghetto booty is absolutely incredible, especially when she let me fold her in half and fuck her silly. My balls were bouncing off of that sweet ass in no time, and she even didn't mind me just busting a nut all over her back.

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