Tiffany's ass demanded that I fuck her doggy style. There was simply no other way that was legal for me to fuck her. You do not turn that ass around when you have it right in your face. You take tha shit in doggy style, and you go with it. That's exactly what I did, earning man points worldwide.

Video: 20:06

Photo: 25

Star Brite

Star is nice and sweet - so I'm not sure how she ended up in my place. I'm not going to complain at all, because that ass of hers is just off the hook. It took me a bit to get her panties off since she was being shy, but she ended up warming up pretty damn fast.

Video: 20:43

Photo: 35

Jada Fire

To the guys who know this hard workin' ho, she's every bit as precious as the gem she's named after, Jada. But maybe she's worth more than a piece of colored rock, as this dark-skinned lovely delivers way more than a chunk of jade ever could. But this lady doesn't take anything but cold cash for what she's doing.

Video: 42:02

Photo: 50


Carla was way too sweet to be a ghetto whore - or so I thought. It turns out that this near pristine pussy is just aching for some action. I can't turn down a black chick in need, so I made sure to pound the fuck out of this pussy so hard that she's waddling around the ghetto.

Video: 21:40

Photo: 27


Tanya was one of those mocha colored ghetto whores who think the world owes them something. I did owe her something - I owed her a hard fucking until she screamed. It turns out we both got what we wanted, and she was definitely going to stop by again when she starts to get that burning desire in her pussy.

Video: 20:15

Photo: 30


I picked up Candy in the middle of the ghetto, and holy shit was she fucking amazing. Her lips were just perfect to wrap around my dick, although it definitely didn't compare to when she bends over and lets her booty bounce all over the place as my dick was pounding into her pussy.

Video: 22:18

Photo: 25

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate wanted some vanilla in her life, so I was happy to lend a hand to her burning desires. And by hand I mean cock. She was all over my dick and it was all I could do to keep the camera steady on her as she sucked me off. You probably think getting that POV shot is easy, but fuck it wears ya down after awhile!

Video: 24:13

Photo: 28

Chips & Isis

This duo of ghetto whores might not be completely right in the head, but quite frankly I assume most of the chicks I'm fucking have something fucked up in their brains. It just makes it easier that way, especially if I have to field some really fucked up and freaky requests while I'm balls deep in them.

Video: 20:18

Photo: 55

Candice Jackson

Candice was as nasty as they come, but fuck - that's why I love being balls deep in these girls. I did get one hell of a surprise when she took off her top - this ghetto whore had puffy nipples. Now how many times do you see something like that? I'm not one to have weird fetishes or anything, but that was just so out there that I had to fuck her right in the ass.

Video: 23:38

Photo: 75

Chanell & Keanna

Now these two were quite a duo. Both of them were hungry for cock like they hadn't eaten in 3 weeks! They wanted 1000, I offered 100 and they jumped on the deal! Then I took em' back to a hotel and they jumped on my cock! Enjoy!

Video: 22:06

Photo: 33


Cheryl had a really badass attitude that got her pretty far in my house - it got her to the bedroom. Instead of her bitching at the top of her lungs, I stuffed my cock down her throat to shut her up. She just went until I was close to busting a nut on her, then switched it up to pound that tight black pussy.

Video: 20:03

Photo: 59


Sam had very large nipples - so large that they are seriously the first thing I have to mention about her. She does have a few other notable bits as well, such as her juicy wet pussy. I also left her coated with cum at the end of it...I think I actually got a load up her nose on accident. Whoops.

Video: 23:33

Photo: 31


Madison is one freaky bitch - and she always insists on two of us fucking her at the same time. Now I'm not one to argue with special requests, so it took one phone call to get another black cock over here. Then we went ahead and got to work on her pussy, ass, and mouth.

Video: 23:54

Photo: 38

Cashmere & Jae

Whenever I get a chance, I try to talk these sluts into threesomes. I don't really have to do all that much of convincing. I just whip out my dick and honestly it does the work all by itself. They grab it and start sucking, then I have black babe just bouncing all over me.

Video: 26:11

Photo: 82

Desiree Persia

Desiree is as freaky as they come, but that's why I love having her over. She'll fuck anywhere, whether it's in the back of a car, on a random couch in the warehouse, or right out in public. This bitch is crazy, but that does me I get the advantage of psycho whore sex.

Video: 24:18

Photo: 100


I would be a happy man if I could just get Jazz to come over every day of the week and suck my dick. She is that damn good, let me tell ya. That's the thing with these ghetto whores - they might not have perfect 10 bodies and their attitudes might suck sometimes, but goddamn do they know how to suck a dick.

Video: 21:53

Photo: 60


Patrice was just kind of hanging out when I left the room. When I came back in, she was completely fucking naked. I have no idea why, but I'm not going to bitch. I'm just went and took full advantage of the situation, because that's what I'm good at. Her pussy was well worth it, too.

Video: 26:23

Photo: 89


Sunshine was a great pick me up tonight, because I was really drawing dead. She had a great attitude, a tight body, and some rather juicy titties. She made my dick happy as hell, especially when I felt how damn tight that pussy was. She also made some rather slutty noises that made it even better.

Video: 21:42

Photo: 91